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Baby’s First Tarot Reading

July 27, 2010

Serena got into my Beautiful Tarot app on my iPhone yesterday and figured out how to pull the cards. I love Tarot. I love this Tarot app. I use it just about daily. My only wish is that future version include a Thoth tarot. I’m never sure I think it “works”, since there are no [...]

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Do You Believe In God, Mama?

January 4, 2010

Rio: Mama, do you believe in God? Me: What god are you talking about? I believe in lots of gods? Rio: No, not like that. Like, God. I believe in God. Me: What do you believe about God? Rio: [my friend down the street] asked me if I believe in God, and I said yes. [...]

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Well, hello there 2010

January 1, 2010

A lot of people have written extensively about how happy they are to bid good-bye to 2009. For me, it’s been a pretty good year. I’m not sorry to see it go, but only because I’m looking forward to carrying all that joy with me into 2010. 2009 was a year that saw the continuation [...]

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Birthday Rum Spiced with 21 Hot Peppers

November 17, 2009

Bridget’s dad had a birthday party over the weekend. I helped him celebrate by drinking rum spiced with 21 hot peppers. That was even better than I thought it would be, and I thought it was worth walking across town for. Dead simple recipe: Grow little hot red peppers all summer. Watch them ripen. Harvest [...]

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Gratitude Project

August 2, 2009

Every year between Lammas (August 1) and the Fall Equinox (September 22), I celebrate the Gratitude Project with an ever-changing group of friends and family. It’s simple: I aim to post, or write in my private journal, something I’m grateful for every day. Want to play along? Comment here and let me know where you’ll [...]

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Those pesky house fairies

July 25, 2009

*crash* I come into the room to find Rio sitting on the floor, crying and clutching her bum. It’s pretty clear that she just fell off a piano stool and hit her tailbone, but she’s too upset to talk about it yet, so I just hold her. Eventually, Serena toddles in to see what’s going [...]

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Summer Solstice Festival at the Growing Center

June 19, 2009

Tomorrow, I will be leading a Summer Solstice Festival at the Somerville Growing Center, starting at 4 p.m. We’ll be doing sun-painting again if the weather is good. Here’s the skinny on the overall project: A series of family-friendly festivals celebrating the turning of the wheel of the year. Through song, story, art and play [...]

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Growing in the Garden: crystal-powered garlic

April 8, 2009

crystal-powered garlic, originally uploaded by MzMuze. I planted some garlic bulbs last fall, and used this crystal to mark where I’d put them so I wouldn’t accidentally dig them up come spring. No fear of that; they were the first thing to sprout in our garden after the snow melted. I have half a dozen, [...]

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Where do we go when we die?

March 28, 2009

Today at dinner, Rio wanted to know where we go when we die. She’s very interested in death lately. I keep telling myself, and all the other adults she’s freaking out with her questions about it, that this is a perfectly normal developmental stage for a kid her age (four going on thirty). We had [...]

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Owning her authority

June 4, 2008

Rio had a very spirited day, by which I mean challenging, unhappy and somewhat violent. I take full responsibility for this: we’ve been going out all day almost every day since her birthday a week ago, and for the past day or two its been obvious she needed a break. Even to her; she’s been [...]

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