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weekly link round-up

The Not Quite Weekly Links

April 11, 2010

I totally owe you guys a links post. It’s been a bit more than a week, sorry about that. It turns out that I can’t sleep five hours a night and work two full-time jobs forever, and I’ve been kind of off my game the past few weeks. Sorry about that. So without further ado, [...]

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Weekly Links, Now With More Sleep

March 20, 2010

Here’s the links. I’ve been down with a stomach bug most of the week, and didn’t write as much as I normally do, but I had fun with what I did write. The news item of the week, of course, is the NYT snarking on moms who blog. Did You Really Call That Kid A [...]

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The Weekly Links

March 13, 2010

Here is my apparently almost actually weekly round-up of my writing Elsewhere on the Internets.This week, even though I remain as an exhausted working parent, I managed to knock out articles on topics ranging from sleep deprivation to mean girls. Like this: The High Cost of Clutter – Get Rich Slowly  – Do you have [...]

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Better late than never, here are last week’s Links

March 8, 2010

I had a sudden attack of Playing Outside and Taking Long Naps over the weekend, so no posts. Here’s what I was up to last week: Working Parents Are Exhausted – Strollerderby – Almost 60 percent of middle-class households have both parents working outside the home. And we’re exhausted by it. Protecting Baby’s Hearing – [...]

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My Week in Writing: the links

February 27, 2010

I’m home, and back in the saddle with work. Once again, the most exciting thing in my week was the posts and conversations right here on ChildWild. I love the discussions going on in the comments these days. Keep it up, please! Here’s what I’ve been up to elsewhere. The juiciest and most controversial thing [...]

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Link Round-up

February 20, 2010

Clearly it’s time to stop pretending these link round-ups are a weekly event. In my head they happen every Saturday, but here in reality it’s spottier than that. Nevertheless, here’s a good one. I’ve spent the past week riding the whirlwind that my angry rant about US Airways started. I’m more than a little embarrassed [...]

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(Slightly More Than) Weekly Link Round-up

January 30, 2010

OK, so I’ve been more than a little out of it on the professional aspects of blogging lately. Sure, I’ve been writing. I might even have done some good writing. But I haven’t been quite up to snuff on the less-fascinating stuff like invoicing or sending out queries or rounding up my links at the [...]

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Weekly Link Round-Up

December 14, 2009

Here’s my belated link round-up. Rio’s lost tooth and my Get Rich Slowly guest post bumped it from the weekend. But better late than never; here goes: Give Your Wealth Away: This was my guest post on Get Rich Slowly. It seems to have caused a little ruckus on the comments. Oops. Apparently saying the [...]

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Weekly Writing Round-Up

December 5, 2009

Here’s my weekly round-up. Another short list, but some good stuff. The bank story was clearly my big piece for the week, so I’ll start there. Starting this week, I’m going to include teasers with these so you can figure out what you’d like to read more easily. My Bank Stole My Grocery Money: A [...]

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Weekly Link Round-Up

November 28, 2009

Weekly writing round-up again. I’ve been mostly on “vacation” this week, so it’s pretty light fare. The helicopter parenting article is my personal fave, and got a thumbs-up from Ms. Free-Range Kids herself.  Enjoy! Parents: Time to Land the Helicopters Man vs. Toddler North Pole Elves Fight Off Postal Grinches iPhone App Claims to Know [...]

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