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The Great Milk Debate

November 25, 2003

It all started when my sweetie came home one day, almost two months ago now, with a week’s worth of groceries. Fresh veggies, soups, noodles, fruit, and several boxes of soy milk. All of this is normal. What was not normal was what was missing: the dairy milk. “I don’t think you should drink cow’s [...]

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The best advice about morning sickness

October 7, 2003

Somehow, I’d always thought that morning sickness would be cute. Not like other kinds of illness, where you feel really gross and sad and nasty, but a sort of adorable sickness, with little kittenish coughs and stomach upsets that fade quickly and don’t hurt all that much. Last night I puked so hard I burst [...]

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September 30, 2003

It turns out that I am one of those ludicrously contrary people who desperately wants whatever she can’t have. a) I loathe my job. Yet I’ve been stuck housebound with on-and-off bleeding for the past several days, and am now itching to go back to work. To a job I’ve been plotting to quit for [...]

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What I need to make a baby

September 18, 2003

I have everything I need to have a healthy pregnancy. I have a healthy body, and a fetus growing inside it. Left completely to it’s own devices, without the aid of a midwife or an OB or a doula or a prenatal yoga class or a fancy diet or a birthing center,this simple recipe will [...]

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The state of my pregnant body

September 18, 2003

my brain is mush. i wake up every three hours. i’m exhausted all the time. all the time i’m not asleep, which is not very often. bloated. muscle pains. abdominal pains. acute pain on full moon (implantation?). headaches. thirsty. dry, itchy skin. peeing a lot. dry, itchy eyes. normal appetite. very emotional. positive pregnancy test [...]

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In the beginning…

September 18, 2003

I woke at dawn from a gentle dream. In the dream I was being held by arms of warm water, gently rocking. A woman’s voice sang to me. Everything was very dark. Gradually, the darkness moved toward gray, I became aware of my lover asleep beside me. As I came fullly awake, more like coming [...]

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