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Best of Web: Airline Fail Edition

February 21, 2010

Usually this posts on Sundays, but I’m on vacation. Also, there is no usually. Deal. For some reason, my attention this week has been on the epic failure that is modern airline customer service. It’s been a crazy week for the friendly skies. On Spirit Air, an entire family was kicked off a plane because [...]

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Best of this Week’s Web

January 31, 2010

Consider this your pre-vetted Sunday newspaper, a collection of the stories and articles  I most loved this week elsewhere in the wide web. 8 Reasons Why Personal Changes Matter: Beth at Fake Plastic Fish explains why making small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference. If you read nothing else this week, read [...]

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Kids vs. marshmallows: there can be only one

September 21, 2009

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo. A friend sent me this. I’d read about the marshmallow test before. The basic premise is that kids are left alone in a room with a marshmallow. The researcher tells them that if they wait until she returns to eat it, they can have two. If they [...]

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Help Lia Grippo, a California mom punished for letting kids play

September 11, 2009

I first read Lia’s story on Free Range Kids a few months ago. In a nutshell, Lia ran a small, home-based childcare program not unlike the one I run. She lives in Santa Barbara, and took the kids on nature outings a couple times a week. One day, they were at the beach and she [...]

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Boycott the Marriott!

August 14, 2009

Apparently this is the week to boycott big businesses. First there was the Whole Foods boycott for health care reform. And now this lovely story about the Marriott blaming a mom for being raped in front of her little kids in one of their parking garages. The Marriott is arguing in court that this woman [...]

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Good news, bad news

July 29, 2009

Good news: WIC is expanding their offerings to low-income Massachusetts families to include vegetables, eggs, cheese, rice and beans (among other things). What did they cover before? I shudder to think. But they seem to be allowing people to use their food vouchers to buy food now, so that’s all good. Bad news: Crazy firefighter [...]

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June 18, 2009

What parent has not worried about the impact of Disney’s princess marketing juggernaut on their young kids? It’s ubiquitous, poisonous and almost impossible to avoid. Today, a good friend sent me this link to Fallen Princesses, a photo exhibit by Dina Goldstein. She is, apparently, a mom and a photographer, and these photos are her [...]

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Moms in jail

June 7, 2009

And I thought I was having a rough day. Here’s a report on women parenting babies in prison. The report looks at a number of different programs that allow mothers and babies to stay together while the women serve their prison sentences. Laying aside one’s feelings about the efficacy or ethics of locking people up [...]

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National Missing Children's Day

May 26, 2009

Yesterday appears to have been National Missing Children’s Day. You can read some exciting tips about keeping your children safe from abduction here. They include things like: sneaking home and ringing your own doorbell to test your child and see if she will answer it (she should not, according to this article). teaching your kid [...]

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Swine Flu: coming soon to a kid near you?

May 4, 2009

I don’t actually have the answer to this question, sorry. I just want to talk about the media coverage of it, and how it seems to be on every parent’s mind. Schools are being closed. People are being quarantined and advised not to travel to the Americas because of this. It’s front page news all [...]

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