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Fall leaves?

August 24, 2009

Every week, I do a nature walk with my preschool kids. We stroll around the block in as much silence as a group of 2-5 years olds can muster while awake, and pay attention with our eyes and our ears and our noses and our skin to what’s happening in nature. The highlight of the [...]

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Small girls vs. The Ducks

August 8, 2009

When we went to Maine a few weeks ago, we stayed at a friend’s lake house. The first morning, we went down to the shore and saw a lone duck swimming in the water. The girls threw it some bread crumbs, and it nibbled them up and swam away. “I bet she’s going to get [...]

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Local Mysteries

August 6, 2009

This plaque is nearly buried in the grass at Powderhouse Park, a short walk from my house. The park is full of memorials to pieces of history. There’s a plaque commemorating the Massachuset campsite that was there in the 1600s and a bronze statue of a lamb to mark the former site of a farm [...]

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Stay inside!?!

June 3, 2009

I just ordered my kids back into the house in the middle of a sunny afternoon. The last straw came when a neighbor driving by stopped to yell at me that my baby was escaping, while her sister cried over a scooter-inflicted injury and I tried desperately to contain the chaos. I wound up throwing [...]

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An almost perfect day

April 16, 2009

The weather today was bright and almost-warm, and the whole day just echoed that sunshine and springtime and freshness. We had our homeschool morning program. All the kids enthusiastically made Nature Journals, which we took to the park with us. On the way, they had to stop several times to crouch down on the sidewalk [...]

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Get Outside! Local Edition

April 1, 2009

Now that you’ve followed my earlier advice and gotten outside, where to go? If you’re in the Boston area, here are a few good suggestions: Drumlin Farm, run by the Mass Audubon Society, offers a wealth of nature programs for kids, ranging from a “Walk on the Wild Side” into the surrounding woods to “Animal [...]

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Get outside!

March 25, 2009

yes, the weather outside is frightful, but it still beats sitting indoors all day. Here are two great sites for getting yourself and your kids out into the great outdoors: The Green Hour offers suggestions for simple outdoor activities to do with kids. It’s updated weekly, and the site is a wealth of other resources [...]

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