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Keeping a Journal

February 10, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about several steps to making a life change stick. Then in the shower this morning, I thought, “Oh! I need to write more about journaling vs. simple record-keeping.” And sure enough, the first comment on yesterday’s post was from the always thoughtful Rebecca Weger, saying, “The most important piece for me is [...]

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How to Change Your Life

February 8, 2010

I have a post up on Get Rich Slowly today about getting the ball rolling with financial management, where I talk about “cross-training” skills from one area of your life to another. Here, I want to just quickly lay out a recipe I use for making meaningful personal change in any area. You may recall, [...]

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The Power of Small Change

February 5, 2010

Fakeplasticfish has a post up about conflict between couples about green living, in which she quotes my post from last week about making green choices together. Beth Terry, the woman behind Fake Plastic Fish, has gone to amazing lengths to cut plastic out of her life. Last year, she produced something like 4 pounds of [...]

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