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More on the Wonders of Quitting

March 26, 2010

My post on ‘Why I Quit Everything’ is featured on BlogHer today. I love BlogHer. I’m proud to be part of their publishing network, and thrilled that they’re sharing my writing with their readers. If you haven’t seen the new BlogHer site, go there right now. It’s a thing of beauty. If you came here [...]

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Missing pieces

August 15, 2009

Yesterday I said good-bye to my stepson and put him on a plane back to Colorado, where he’ll spend most of the school year livin’ with his mum and being a high school sophomore. I miss him. Every hour or so I reach for him with my mind: to count him into a meal, offer [...]

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Extraterrestrial Circus Experiment this Friday

July 8, 2009

Two of my kids are participating in Somerville’s Open Air Circus this summer, a local circus produced by and for kids. My teenage stepson is taking a leadership intensive and teaching classes in everything from unicycling to juggling, while the five-year-old in my life has become an instant expert at balance beams, tumbling and running [...]

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Kid's allowances: what's the right approach?

June 21, 2009

This post at the Simple Dollar got me thinking about kid’s allowance money. It got me thinking too much for a blog comment over there, so you get to read all about it. Kid’s allowances are one of my most regular cash expenses, along with groceries and gas for my car. All the frugal living [...]

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Pop goes the Art!

April 8, 2009

Martin took Ian (his 15-yr-old son) to the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA last month. They spent the evening at the museum (which is free every Thursday), and then came home and surfed the web for awhile getting more information about Shepard Fairey. Then Ian sat down at his computer and made this: I [...]

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Trotsky, via stepchild

March 24, 2009

Ian is here for spring break. I am reveling in his intellectual energy. He flew in overnight, from Colorado, and had to sleep on the couch when he arrived because we had weekend houseguests staying in his room. When I came downstairs in the morning, both his little sisters were climbing all over him. He [...]

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Letting the tide go out

February 26, 2007

Some days I stand at the beach and watch the water go and want to hold it where it is, keep the moment frozen somehow. This is the itch camera’s were created to scratch, I suppose, and I took a lot of pictures this weekend. Saturday The Kid turned 13, which I guess makes him [...]

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