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My New High Efficiency Clothes Dryer

April 22, 2010

We have a fairly new HE washing machine. For values of ‘new’ that are almost 5 years old. It still seems like just yesterday that the 70s vintage washer we inherited choked on a load of diapers and ground to a permanent halt, prompting us to purchase a new one. I digress. The point is [...]

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What Should My Garden Grow?

March 25, 2010

We played outside all day, remaking the garden walls and prepping the beds. Yes, I know we should have done it three weeks ago, but. But. It’s done now. This weekend, I’ll plant some Stuff. But what? Last year we had mad success with peas and sunflowers, and just middling love from everything else. We [...]

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Washing the Floors, Cinderella Style

March 22, 2010

The kids and I spent Friday afternoon washing the kitchen together in our bathing suits. Well, they were in their bathing suits. I’m a delicate flower and wore jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt and a sweater and wool socks and a bemused expression. I’ve washed my floor with a wide variety of mops and gadgets, [...]

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The Power of Small Change

February 5, 2010

Fakeplasticfish has a post up about conflict between couples about green living, in which she quotes my post from last week about making green choices together. Beth Terry, the woman behind Fake Plastic Fish, has gone to amazing lengths to cut plastic out of her life. Last year, she produced something like 4 pounds of [...]

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Choosing a Greener Life Together

January 27, 2010

On the heels of my Monday post at Get Rich Slowly about talking to your spouse about money, here’s a reader-requested post about how couples can communicate about green lifestyle choices. In general, my husband and I get along fine about our green living. Our values about things like making green life choices are very [...]

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Caving in on car-free living

October 27, 2009

Only a few weeks into life without a car, I am throwing in the towel. Which towel, you ask? The sopping wet one in the back of the bike trailer that got the seats almost dry, but not so dry that my ass wasn’t soaked by the time we got to music class on Saturday. [...]

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Car-free family, for the moment

October 8, 2009

Our mechanic called today to read our van its last rites. I’m not really in any kind of financial position this week to buy a new car, or even a new-to-me car. I’m just getting out of debt, and starting to put aside an emergency fund. It has an impressive $500 in it. I am [...]

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MomsRising releases searchable database of safe products

September 20, 2009

MomsRising has released a searchable database of products you can check out to learn what contaminants or toxic chemicals are in your stuff – and your kids’ stuff. From carseats to designer handbags, they’ve got you covered. And they made this nifty widget to make it Super Easy to scare yourself with the knowledge. Get [...]

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Farm Share Survival Guide: my new article on Babble

September 8, 2009

I have a new article out today on Babble, offering tips on how to survive the bounty of a summer CSA share. And not a moment too soon. My bulk orders of extra veggies for canning are due this week. I’ll have to take my advice! Babble readers, welcome! If you’re visiting this blog for [...]

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Serena helping in the garden

June 17, 2009

IMG_4206.JPG, originally uploaded by MzMuze. Serena, like most toddlers, loves to mimic everything Mommy does. Especially the things Mommy does that are not generally available to toddlers. Like operating a spray bottle full of cleaning chemicals, or using the garden tools. Today was her day to do it all, just like a grown-up. A few [...]

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