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Gratitude Project: Home

September 7, 2010

The gratitude project has flown by, and is coming into its home stretch. Rather than writing about my gratitude here every day as I’d planned (and usually do), I’ve found myself lulled into almost complete silence by a season on introspection. Introspection which has not, to put it mildly, been centered on gratitude for the [...]

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Gratitude Project: Distraction

August 3, 2010

Today I’m grateful for the distractions. For the three-year-old using my cleavage as a mountain range for her miniature princess dolls to climb. For the contractor running her power tools downstairs as she finishes my housemate’s beautiful new bathroom. For you, dear Internet, with your amazing powers of oooh! look! a shiny thing! I’m grateful [...]

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The Gratitude Project 2010

August 1, 2010

Today marks the beginning of the harvest season, and the first day of the Gratitude Project. Every year, my friends and I celebrate the Gratitude Project from August 1 until the Fall Equinox, by taking a moment each day to offer gratitude for something in our lives. You can do this in a personal journal, [...]

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Giving Thanks

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving is here, offering me another lovely opportunity to give thanks. I get a lot of practice at this during the Gratitude Project each year, when I’m joined by friends and strangers in marking the things I’m grateful for each day. Thanksgiving is easier and harder. The whole country is exhaling their thanks all together, [...]

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Happy Equinox, closing out the Gratitude Project

September 20, 2009

Today’s the Equinox, and the last official day of the Gratitude Project. As always after six weeks of honoring my blessings, I’m infused with gratitude for all the small wonders in my daily life. I don’t want to stop paying attention to them, or writing about them. But I’ll drop the daily practice of it, [...]

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Home. Again.

August 31, 2009

I’m home from a week in the woods with the Witches. Did you miss me? My fey minions posted a few things for me while I was gone. I missed you. There’s another version of me out there who lives full time in an intentional community and does nothing but cook, garden, knit, work magic [...]

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Simple gratitude for play

August 10, 2009

I’m not posting my gratitude here every day; I’m using my Twitter feed for that. But I want to post them occasionally, and here is one. Today I’m grateful for all the play in my life. I spent the day playing at the edge of a stream with my kids, on a playground with Serena, [...]

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Grateful for my mom

August 5, 2009

Today’s gratitude: my mom. I was driving down the road today, thinking about my mom and how I never see her these days. She’s busy with work and I’m busy with the kids and somehow our lives just don’t overlap much, even though she lives not far from me. I wish we had more time [...]

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Gratitude Project

August 2, 2009

Every year between Lammas (August 1) and the Fall Equinox (September 22), I celebrate the Gratitude Project with an ever-changing group of friends and family. It’s simple: I aim to post, or write in my private journal, something I’m grateful for every day. Want to play along? Comment here and let me know where you’ll [...]

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The Gratitude Project

August 1, 2006

Gratefully taken from : says, “Begun by a couple of years ago, and participated in by many on my friends list, the Gratitude Project runs from Lammas to Mabon and is a critical reminder that every day is a blessing and there is always something to be grateful for in my life.” 1. I’m grateful [...]

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