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Growing In The Garden: The Garden Turns Green Again

April 16, 2010

Ever since Serena’s godfather planted a rosebush for her last summer, Rio has wanted one. A brilliant white to contrast her sister’s red, like Snow White, Rose Red sisters in the fairy tale. Last week, John took both girls to the big garden center and came back with a truckload of soil, mulch, fertilizer and [...]

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What Should My Garden Grow?

March 25, 2010

We played outside all day, remaking the garden walls and prepping the beds. Yes, I know we should have done it three weeks ago, but. But. It’s done now. This weekend, I’ll plant some Stuff. But what? Last year we had mad success with peas and sunflowers, and just middling love from everything else. We [...]

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Rio’s watermelon farm

September 9, 2009

When the peas died in midsummer, I simply tore them up and wondered what to do next with that plot of land. Rio solved the problem for me by moving in and setting up a farm. She (and her sister and her friends) have been “farming” the empty bed for a few weeks now. “Farming” [...]

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Serena helping in the garden

June 17, 2009

IMG_4206.JPG, originally uploaded by MzMuze. Serena, like most toddlers, loves to mimic everything Mommy does. Especially the things Mommy does that are not generally available to toddlers. Like operating a spray bottle full of cleaning chemicals, or using the garden tools. Today was her day to do it all, just like a grown-up. A few [...]

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The Gift of a Garden

May 10, 2009

Last week, Serena’s godfather came by to plant a rose bush for her. Her middle name is Rose, and he wanted her to have flowers. Very sweet and simple. Then he saw our front yard. When we moved into our lovely new home last fall, the front yard was a wasteland. It was also low [...]

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Growing in the Garden: crystal-powered garlic

April 8, 2009

crystal-powered garlic, originally uploaded by MzMuze. I planted some garlic bulbs last fall, and used this crystal to mark where I’d put them so I wouldn’t accidentally dig them up come spring. No fear of that; they were the first thing to sprout in our garden after the snow melted. I have half a dozen, [...]

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Growing in the garden: making mud

March 30, 2009

Last month, I presided over the creation of a large bucket of mud with my homeschooling coop. I threw a couple of towels on the floor, gave each kid a wooden spoon and a few dried disks of soil mixture that came in a science kit Jen dropped off for us, and we went crazy [...]

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Get outside!

March 25, 2009

yes, the weather outside is frightful, but it still beats sitting indoors all day. Here are two great sites for getting yourself and your kids out into the great outdoors: The Green Hour offers suggestions for simple outdoor activities to do with kids. It’s updated weekly, and the site is a wealth of other resources [...]

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seed starting

March 6, 2009

Is anyone else going to be starting seeds indoors? I’m thinking of buying a biodome for mine, and they offer a decent bulk discount. Of course, I’m probably late to this party since I just realized today that I do have seeds I need to start indoors. Thanks, GRS!

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in the backyard

February 25, 2009

We put out compost, examined the soil and observed how it’s still all frozen, watched some birds flutter around the rooftop and call to each other. And we talked about the garden rails. Our garden is a couple of raised beds built probably a decade ago by the previous folks. The wood sides of the [...]

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