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Pirate Santa

December 31, 2010

Rio: Wouldn’t it be cool if Santa was a pirate? And he lived on a pirate ship and sailed through the air and threw all the presents off it? Me: Yeah! The reindeer could be his crew. Rudolph could wear an eyepatch and have a wooden leg. Rio (to the tune of Frosty the Snowman): [...]

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Something Borrowed

June 29, 2010

A friend of ours often uses a wheelchair, but can also get around on crutches and sometimes on her own two feet (one of which is made from Science!). This weekend we were camping and another friend injured her knee. She borrowed the chair for a bit. Serena approached her, carrying a sword with another [...]

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This Little Piggy…

June 13, 2010

The girls are playing “this little piggy”. Serena loves this game, like all two-year-olds, and Rio is indulging her in it. A treat. We’re vegetarians, so when we get to the third little piggy, we always make up something silly for the pig to eat instead of roast beef. My vegetarian parents always had my [...]

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Naptime Fail

April 21, 2010

You can tell naptime is a bust when the cute toddler lying next to you in bed goes from pretending to snore loudly to singing this song: Happy Birthday To You My mom fired a duck. I am two and three quarters. I miss my mom all day. Hers are at work. I miss hers [...]

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Too Old School to Be Cool

April 20, 2010

Martin and I just had a great conversation about money, career, long-term plans. The kind of conversation you want to have with your spouse. We chatted in peace about our jobs and the things we love to do and the way we see our life unfolding for about twenty minutes while our daughters played happily [...]

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Those Princesses Are So Last Week

March 19, 2010

A few nights ago, Rio was carefully eyeing Molly‘s bike helmet. The shiny black helmet sets off the pink horns nicely. The flowing pink braids give it a sweet touch. Molly calls it her Valkyrie helmet. “Can I try it on?” Rio asked. Yes. She tried it on. She ran around the house prancing and [...]

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Speaking Of A Room Of One’s Own

March 17, 2010

This post brought to you by Rio. I had another whole screed planned about the business of blogging and how women are being consumed by big media and advertising agencies, but it will have to wait. Rio had a topic request for today. It went like this: Rio said, “What is the New York Times, [...]

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Where Do Feet Go At Night?

March 1, 2010

Rio has moved into this fascinating conversational period. She’s making up stories like anything, and thinking a lot about how the world works. I guess that’s how she always is. Here’s an example: “Mama, do you want to know where my feet go at night? While I’m sleeping?” “Um…sure.” “They go OUT.” “Oh, really?” “They [...]

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This Will Help

February 26, 2010

Remember that awful feeling of pressure in your eardrums going up or coming down in a plane as a kid? On our trip home the other day, Rio described it as being “like knives in my ears”. I suddenly had this intense sense memory of that exact feeling. Awful. Maybe my least favorite part of [...]

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Will this hurt?

January 31, 2010

Rio, holding a hair clip up to her lip as if to pin her lip with it: Will this hurt? Her aunt: Probably. Me: I wouldn’t do it. Rio does it. Rio: You guys are Wrong. Long pause. I take her picture. She takes the clip off. Longer pause. Rio: Is my lip bleeding?

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