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Weight Update

by Sierra on April 22, 2014 · 5 comments

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So I did all the things we discussed in my last post. I stopped eating grains and soy and started eating meat. I more or less switched to “paleo” style dieting,  dropping 90% of the dairy I ate and nearly all starchy foods. I load up instead on happy meats and fresh veggies. But I continue to eat indulgently when out at social events. I still have a little alcohol & sugar in my diet, probably 20%-30% of what I had before. I swapped out my granola and yogurt breakfast for a healthy smoothie that I formulated using some fairly complicated pseudo-science I won’t get into here. Basically, I took a sharp left toward healthier eating without actually going to any extremes.

I felt better right away. I started having more and steadier energy throughout the day. I became far less drowsy and irritable. My mood stabilized and lifted. And I immediately lost ten pounds.

My doctor did a happy dance and said I could stop tracking my diet on my iPhone. My psychiatrist was pleasantly surprised and said we could discuss backing off some of the meds I take since the diet was going so well.

All in all, I’d say this has been a smashing success.

I still have ALL THE FEELS about it. What does it mean to be a success? I achieved everything I set out to do, so that looks like an all around win. I have this nagging feeling that losing weight is a problem, or feeling good about losing weight is a problem…but my doctor is really happy about it, and she was the one with the health concern.

And the numbers on the scale aside, I FEEL great. I absolutely do not miss my old style of eating at all. I’m eager to take up running again now that the weather is warmer, and feel like I have the energy for climbing and biking and running in a way I haven’t for a few years. I’m really looking forward to ramping up the exercise in my life as a next step.

To be continued!

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  • maggiebea

    So now I have a question to ask, which is way more about ‘me’ than about ‘you’ — would you share a few salient details of what you’re eating that has you feeling so much better? Specifically, the smoothie you used to replace yogurt for breakfast?

    Me, I’m not so much interested in losing weight as in increasing energy … and my diet has way too much dairy, a few carbs too many, and not much meat. Every time I’ve tried to substitute something for my yogurt breakfast, I have found myself eating the new thing AND my habitual (maybe addicted) yogurt.

    Any suggestions?


  • http://decentralyze.com Sandro Hawke

    I think maybe being “overweight” can be a symptom of some underlying health problems. Your change in your diet appears to have helped with the underlying problem, which incidentally has reduced your weight. So it’s not that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with being “overweight”, it just happens statistically to often be caused by certain other conditions which *are* problematic. Since we can’t directly see those underlying conditions, we tend to use body shape as a proxy. (In some other areas, we call that mental habit of using a visible trait as a proxy for invisible traits “prejudice”.)

    I try to visualize the internal harmful condition, and that makes it easier to eat healthier. Not easy, but easier. One image is weeds in the internal flora, weeds which really love to eat sugar. :-) But it’s hard, not being able to see it in action.


  • moominmolly

    I’m so glad this is having such great effects on your life!


  • Amanda Martin

    So glad it helped! And ALL THE FEELS are totally normal – it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.


  • Ms. Pris

    Nice! I am so glad you are seeing health improvements.

    I was a little mortified to realize that pretty much every emotional meltdown I’ve had in my adult life was due to too-low blood sugar.

    I definitely get the whole social pressure to not want to lose weight or not care about losing weight. But I think you know your body better than anyone does, right? You know how it feels. You’re the authority on what it needs.


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