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Hard at work on homework

by Sierra on March 14, 2014 · 1 comment

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So this is my little girl, at quarter past her bedtime, hunched over a packet of worksheets.

She’s adorable, still wearing her ballet outfit from the afternoon. And she’s feeling pretty good: she’s getting to stay up late & have some special, focused time with Mommy. She breezes through the worksheets; the material is no trouble for her.

This is pretty much the best case scenario for elementary school homework, and it’s terrible. Why does my six-year-old have paperwork to do after dinner? Is it to acclimate her to doing paperwork? Hot tip, school: worksheets aren’t an important life skill.

Even if homework wasn’t actively harmful to learning (and there’s evidence that it is) she’d get more benefit from playing, reading & taking a bath and getting a full nights sleep. All things she had to give up yesterday to do her homework.


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  • Forest J. Handford

    Let’s have a discussion about schooling at Kids Kamp this year. We currently homeschool. Finn and Parra are considering it too.


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