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Three Precious Moments

by Sierra on November 29, 2012 · 1 comment

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Somewhere, Serena picked up some snippets of Gangnam Style. She did not get them from me, for sure. But no matter, she has them in her sweet little brain. Which led her to be singing, “Hey, sexy ladies…” at the top of her lungs the other day.

Rio was all, “Serena! Stop that! That’s inappropriate language.”

This from the kid who can’t get enough of Katy Perry. Anyway.

Then the kids got into a Serious Discussion of the Situation. After a long talk, with no input from me, the kids decided that Serena can say “Hey, sexy ladies” as long as a) she does not do it in public and b) she does not claim that Rio is a sexy lady.

This involved a long digression that made it clear neither girl had the foggiest notion what a sexy lady might actually be.


Unrelatedly, except that it is also adorable:

We cut both girls hair after a resurgence of head lice. Rio was pretty unhappy about the process and walked off in the middle of her haircut, resulting in a choppy looking cut that will hopefully be evened out when one of her grown-up friends takes her to the salon next week.

Serena loves her hair cut, which she had done to match her best friend at school. Her hair is adorable. So adorable I cannot say no to her. The first night after her haircut, she had the world’s cutest cold. She woke up four or five times during the night, with increasingly insane demands, culminating in a desire for an ice pack for her runny nose.

At 1 a.m., she came into my room and said, “Would you give us a foot rub?”

Apparently sick Serenas use the royal we at 1 a.m.

“It’s pretty cold,” I said. “I’d like to stay in bed.”

“Why don’t you put some PANTS on?” she sighed, exasperated. “Don’t you even know what pajamas are?”

So I put on some pajamas and massaged her little feet.


Monday morning rolled around and her hair cut was still adorable, of course. She overslept and then spent her sweet time getting ready for school. She came down wearing her most elaborate princess gown and asking for help getting her fairy wings on.

“You’re wearing fairy wings to school?” I asked.

“Well, it is my first day going to school with my new haircut which is just like K’s hair cut.”

We looked at each other in mutual confusion.

“K never wears fairy wings,” she told me very seriously. “This is how people will know I am me and K is K.”

OK then. Glad we got that sorted.


In summary, the kids and I have been enjoying each other a great deal of late, and I’m preserving these moments in amber in the hopes that we’ll stumble back on this post ages and ages hence and laugh together over the days when the girls didn’t know what sexy ladies were and wore fairy wings to school.




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  • http://twitter.com/MomMeetMom Mom Meet Mom

    I love that you let the fairy wings slide. I know too many people who would be all OH MY GOSH THAT’S NOT SCHOOL WEAR. Who cares?


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