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In the Big Girl Zone!

by Sierra on November 8, 2012 · 0 comments

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“There is that “zone” word again, Mommy,” Serena announced from the back seat. “Z-O-N-E. Now I have seen that three times in my life.”

She sounded exasperated, like some words have a lot of nerve showing up on three whole street signs in different parts of town.

A fact she keyed into because she is TOTALLY LEARNING TO READ. The other day she asked me what “zone” said, and I told her. We do this a lot. But this time she held onto the information and applied it in a new context to recognize a word. Ladies and gentlepeople, we have reading!

We also have wiggly teeth, and have completed our childhood vaccinations. Who’s a big girl now? My baby, that’s who.

Today Rio tried to persuade her not to turn 6, which she won’t be doing till next July anyway. And Serena was all, “I am going to turn 6. I cannot stay 5 for the rest of my life!”

She is going to turn six. But first she has this whole glorious year of kindergarten milestones ahead of her, full of losing baby teeth and learning to read and going to her big girl school. It’s pretty fantastic. And also a little bittersweet, watching my youngest child move out of early childhood into the big girl world.

Not as big yet as Rio, who has also crossed some magical threshold.

Both the girls had their physicals this week. Here’s a sampling of the questions the doctor asked Serena: “Are you using the potty by yourself? Do you know how to draw? Do you like school?”

Here are some questions she asked Rio: “Are any of the kids in your class using drugs or alcohol yet? Are any of your friends dating? What would you say if someone wanted to touch you in your private areas? You know to say no to that, right?”

I’m glad she asked, because in a few years Rio won’t look so puzzled at the questions and it will be good that she’s heard them before. But wow are we in a different world now. In some part of my heart, I think Rio will forever be a preschooler and Seren the tiny toddling baby she was when we moved into this house.

Out in the world, though, they are big independent young people. And I’m so proud and happy to be watching them grow.

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