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Best. Halloween. Ever.

by Sierra on November 1, 2012 · 2 comments

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And now for the Halloween post. Since the storm didn’t cause Halloween or any of its regularly scheduled rituals to be cancelled in our neighborhood, out we went with costumes and candy bags. My kids are the *perfect age* for trick-or-treating; old enough to “get it”, but not at all cynical about the process yet. They loved every minute of the two hours we spent traipsing around our neighborhood. We’re lucky to live in a trick-or-treat mecca; people come from all over town to hit this one street a few blocks away from us.

Halloween is, of course, my be-all end-all favorite of the mainstream holidays. The costumes, the community, the craziness. I love it. I totally believe in the spirit of Halloween. It’s interwoven with Samhain of course, and honoring the ancestors and descendents. But even without the air of magic as the veil thins, Halloween as an orgy of candy and fantastic costumes would rock my world.

This was also the year the kids’ costumes really leveled up. In spite of my love of Halloween, I’m not really much of a planner when it comes to holidays. Decorations, costumes, party games, it’s all a bit beyond me. I managed to get trick-or-treat candy this year, which I’m calling a win. But as usual the kids’ and I were scrambling to put their costumes together all afternoon on the day of this awesome holiday.

What’s different is that they actually planned them in advance. They chose what they wanted to be and stuck with one idea for weeks. Usually

they change their minds every couple of hours. This year they were steadfast. So we actually had plenty of time to watch make-up tutorials on YouTube and assemble bits from the dress-up chest and things like that. It was Much Easier this way.

Rio went as Carly Rae Jepson and Serena dressed up as the Tooth Fairy. I love both these costumes for different reasons: Rio put so much care and research into hers, it was awe-inspiring. And she looked great. Serena, meanwhile, had ridiculous fun. And I cannot get over the awesome meta-ness of dressing up as the Tooth Fairy for Halloween. It’s kind of perfect. Halloween is a holiday without a character, and the Tooth Fairy is a character without a holiday. If you see what I mean. Which you may not. I’m not sure I see what I mean.

Moving on.

The point is that this was the ideal Halloween in so many ways; fun, easy, playful. We had perfect weather and exactly the right companions for our trick-or-treat adventures. I loved it, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

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  • amadea

    I totally see what you mean!!


  • GimliGirl

    Huzzah! We had a great Hallowe’en too. The boy went out as Spiderman and we met up with some friends and had a fun time. Kat is too small to dress up and get candy so we just popped her in the stroller and took her along for fun. I’m terrible at the holiday thing too; I’d love to do home-made costumes but those require knowledge of sewing, and I’m kind of intimidated by my machine.  Anywho! The Tooth Fairy is adorable and now  I have to google Serena’s costume.


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