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Still On the Rollercoaster: looking for (more) at-home work

by Sierra on October 24, 2012 · 2 comments

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OK, so. Minutes after posting that last post about how we’d decided not to homeschool for financial reasons, an exciting possibility for at-home work fell into my lap.

Whether or not this works out, it energized me to ask more questions about my situation, instead of seeing it as this black-or-white choice. Can I find work that is compatible with homeschooling? What else can or should I do for income? What are my options that don’t involve a 40-hr-a-week commitment to being in an office?

I have been pretty burned out on freelance writing for the past year, but I’m starting to get my mojo back with it, and my income is on a gradual upswing as a result. I had all but given up on being able to make the money work AND homeschool my kid. I mean, I had given up. Now I’m hopeful about it, and realize that the thing I need to say to the world right now isn’t “THIS CAN’T WORK AND I’M SAD” but rather “What could help this work?”

So it seems worth asking you, gentle readers, do you have ideas (or actual offers) for work that is compatible with homeschooling?

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  • Megan Ringrose

    A variety of thoughts that I’ll throw out there in the hopes one of them helps you. No doubts some of them are off the mark, but apparently I’m in brainstorming mode. Please accept my apologies if they are too intrusive/off-the-mark.

    - Spend 3 days a week homeschooling, one day a week doing useful stuff with your daughter, and one day a week with your daughter SOMEWHERE ELSE.   So the non-homeschooling day maybe is babysitting for another kid, and then that parent takes your kid on the kid-free day?  Your kid-free day is your “work” day; do paying work and/or things that will hopefully lead to paying work.

    - Are there people who want to pay you for your child-teaching expertise and can you do any of that while you are homeschooling?

    - Make one of your “jobs” be doing mad money-saving stuff, ala “The Tightwad Gazette”.


    Sierra Reply:

    These are perfect, thank you!

    - s


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