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At Least I Have Knitting

by Sierra on October 24, 2012 · 5 comments

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So I’m having a topsy-turvy kind of sad kind of hopeful kind of exhausting day. As mentioned in my two previous posts. Apparently I’ve also become the kind of blogger who will ignore this blog for a month and then post three times in one day. Which I get to do, because it is *my* blog.

This post is not about homeschooling or head lice or money or any of the challenging big things my family has grappled with lately. It’s about knitting, and how I made an amazing hat for a loved one this weekend while curled on the couch with my girlfriend watching Sherlock and listening to the rain patter on the roof. We’d spent the day in Portland having lazy brunch and shopping in the cutest little yarn store and then went up to close the camp for the season. The whole scene kind of captured the essence of fall and this hat came out of that. This hat! And little matchy matchy handwarmers.

Just like this I’m in love with knitting again. In love! I’m already working on a little baby Jayne hat for another friend. All I want to do for the rest of time (or until the weather warms up) is knit knit knit. I’ve collected a bunch of beautiful yarn, and picked out a few projects to work on. I hope my friends like knitwear, because my schemes mostly involve making stuff and giving it away.

It’s like this every year. The weather turns cool and I’m suddenly in LOVE with knitting. I don’t think of myself as a knitter, though. I don’t stash yarn, I don’t know what most of the knitting abbreviations in patterns mean, I don’t make my own designs. I’m like a perpetual beginner.

Except the last two years I have been really leveling up. I’ve learned to make hats and done some pretty amazing ones. I’ve gotten better at wristwarmers. This year I’m determined to take on making a sweater. I love the learning new things part, and the easy comfort of doing the basic things over and over, and the joy of seeing fabric emerge from my fingertips where there was none before. It’s soothing and exciting all at the same time.

So tell me, knitting geeks, what do you love? What patterns should I be exploring? What yarns should I be coveting? What are you working on?

(I’m mzmuze on Ravelry, if you want to make friends over there)


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  • se1959

    i just added you as a friend on ravelry, i’m knittingwoman on rav.  I like making hats.  I’m pretty excited that my son and his partner mailed me some noro yarn as a birthday present.  I want to make the crazy anemone hat by cat bordhi:)   I love reading about other people being crazy in love with knitting.


  • Jojo

    I do the same thing every year except I crochet and don’t knit… the fall seems to be the time of year that I’m motivated to create… create… create. It’s almost as if my body and mind are together preparing for the hibernation that they take every winter.


    Sierra Reply:

    yes, exactly.

    also I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet. any advice on where to begin?


  • Kimberly Bradshaw

    This won’t solve the larger money issue but it might help a small bit if you’re interested.  I have some lovely, lovely yarn.  I don’t know how to knit or crochet, however.  And having taken on a second job of sorts to boost our money for baby-efforts, I don’t have time this season to learn.  But I yearn for mitlets or socks or something cute.  If you’re inspired, I could pay you to make something pretty with this yarn. You could do hourly rate or a flat project fee.  That’s one idea and I’ll keep scouting for other ideas too.

    In the meantime, I hope you can feel and really know in your bones that you do get Mom points around all this.  You – and Martin – are so thoughtful and caring in your approach to parenting.  That the circumstances make it harder to heed the specific need your kid is expressing doesn’t mean that you’ve failed and you’ll all grow from this and learn different things, however it works out.  Rio gets to learn that finances are a real factor in life and at the same time she knows how hard you tried and how committed you are to her & her needs.  I think – I hope – you know that and I don’t sound preachy but I just wanted to say that you & your whole family consistently wow me with the depth of connection and care.


    Sierra Reply:

    I would love to knit something pretty for you! I don’t think I feel comfortable charging for my knitting time yet – I really am still learning, and I do it recreationally. This year is the first time I’ve taken requests for my knitting, and I think what I want to do now is swap knitting for yarn. So just bring me the yarn and I’ll knit it up for you!


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