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Happy Kindergarten, Serena!

by Sierra on September 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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Serena started kindergarten on Monday and she *loves* it. She’s completely enamored of her teacher, her new friends, her classroom, and perhaps most of all: getting hot lunch at school. She’s in her bliss, going to Big Girl school with her friends.

We’ve found the school incredibly welcoming and warm. A lot of parents have reached out to us, and the teachers and administrators are wonderful. It’s so good to see my big girl proudly going off to school each morning.

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  • Walthamolian

    So after earlier discussion, I’m curious as to WHICH kindergarten you chose?  Public? Charter?


    Sierra Reply:

    Of course you are! A longer post is forthcoming, but the short answer is that we went with the progressive public school that a lot of our friends’ kids attend.


  • S.Sachs

    and how is third grade for Rio?????  Must have the girls catch up when school life settles in!!!


    Sierra Reply:

    3rd grade for Rio has been really hard, which is why I haven’t posted yet. More on that soon.


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