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The Full Catastrophe: The Nields’ New Album About Motherhood

by Sierra on May 5, 2012 · 1 comment

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Rio recently interviewed the Nields, one of our family’s favorite folk bands. They also hooked us up with a review copy of the new album, which I’m doing my level best to review here.

The Full Catastrophe isn’t a kids’ album, but it is catchy and listenable in a way my kids enjoyed. It’s thematically dedicated to families and motherhood. It’s no wonder the Nields are focused on motherhood. When we talked, Nerissa said, “We are inspired by what we do. Of course, being mothers, that’s what we’re thinking about all the time.”

Of course? I think about other things sometimes. But it’s true the kids are always there in my mind, even if I’m focused on a Scrabble game or an article or a knitting project. I get what she’s saying.

What do the Nields have to say about parenting? Here’s Nerissa again, “We prefer chaos to simplicity.”

She talked about the quality of complexity and depth that runs through life as a parent. There’s something better than happiness, they told us. The highs get higher and the lows get lower. Overall, life becomes richer. That about sums it up.

Let me just say: there is not enough good music about family life. This is a welcome dose of it; interesting lyrics and fun songs. In “Can I Love You Too Much”, they address their kids in those trying moments every parent has gone through: coloring on the walls, creating toy guns out of nothing. How do you parent through that? Makes for an interesting song. I also particularly love “Your House Is Strong” and the title track “The Full Catastrophe”.

And that is the end of my short review. You should totally check out The Full Catastrophe for yourself.

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    The Complete Problem is not a children’s record, but it is appealing and listenable in a way my children experienced. 


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