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Making Roadmaps

by Sierra on June 3, 2011 · 2 comments

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I have a post up at Get Rich Slowly today about my beloved financial roadmap, which is this well-worn sheet of paper that has single-handedly saved me from a downward spiral of debt and financial misery. It’s kind of sacred to me, which is why I haven’t changed anything on it in four years, but I’m rethinking that.

I’m also thinking, as I look closely at what goes into my financial roadmap, that I might benefit from having a similar master plan for other areas of my life. I know, in a loose way, what I love and where I want my energy to go. But I don’t have a *plan* for things like work, parenting, spirituality or creative writing. I just do that stuff, day to day. Maybe it’s worth having a long sit-down with myself and drafting up a document that reflects what’s most important to me in these areas.

Relatedly, I’ve been thinking for awhile about starting an actual bucket list. In general I don’t like having lists hanging over me, but someone suggested recently that it would be useful to have a list of things I’d like to do organized by how long it takes to do them. That way, if I find myself with an extra 10 minutes, a spare hour, or a free weekend, I can look at the appropriate section of the list and choose something awesome to do. Something more awesome than playing Scrabble online or reading blogs, which is what I usually do with “spare” chunks of time.

Do you have a set of written guidelines you live by? An actual bucket list of things you want to do? What do you put on these lists?

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  • Ellen

    I keep a “unifying principles” list, an intermediate goals list, a three-year list (some people call them “101 in 1001″ lists), a goals-for-this-year list, and more.  I like lists :-)

    (My lists are pretty personal to provide links to them on a public blog, but I’ll be happy to share them with you directly — check your mail for some URLs!)


    Sierra Reply:

    Thank you!!!


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