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by Sierra on November 4, 2010 · 2 comments

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My older girl went as a social butterfly for Halloween. Yes, technically, she was dressed as a fairy tale witch. But her costume is really beside the point. It’s her itinerary that matters.

Rather than traipse around our neighborhood knocking on every available door, Rio was determined to visit as many of our friends’ houses as she possibly could. This meant driving all over town. More than one town actually.

We went to a Halloween party graciously hosted by one friend, where we connected with a huge posse of kids we know and love. From there, Rio was on a mission to visit another friend who lives in the same town, but clear across it, because he’d put up good decorations.

And then on to Ms. Molly’s place, just because she LOVES her. And had been promised a gummy spider if we trick-or-treated there.

At first I was grouchy about this. Halloween isn’t about driving around in a car seeing everyone you know. It’s about dressing up in a freaky costume, ringing your neighbors’ doorbells and downing as much chocolate as you can before your stomach revolts.

But who am I to argue with the whims of a 6-year-old on Halloween night? It’s also the time to indulge children’s ids, and hers wanted to visit our friends. Fine.

Her strategy kind of grew on me as we went about it. It was sweet, the way she cared more about seeing people she knows and loves than she did about filling up her candy bag. In the end, she collected maybe a third of the candy she normally hauls in. She doesn’t seem to mind that at all, and it’s certainly a relief to me.

Instead, she’s been talking for days about all the friends she saw and the cool things they did. My kid cares more about her friends than she does about refined sugar. I win.

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    Coming home to Pop Rocks and getting to chat with her through the car glass were some of the stranger, more fun parts of the night.


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    This is surely a unique way to Trick or Treat. I love how your daughter already sees the value of friendship.


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