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The “Yes” Man

by Sierra on July 13, 2010 · 4 comments

in humor,news

What would you ask your husband, if you knew he’d say yes?

Momlogic just ran an article about a guy who said yes to everything his wife asked of him for a month. That’s a little “toys in the attic” crazy for me, but the idea was cute. My husband and I just turned it into a game, where we each picked three wishes we’d beg of the other one, and then tried to guess what we’d be asked to do.

Here’s my wish list (don’t read this mom, it has SEX in it):

  1. oral sex!
  2. you do all the laundry – including folding it
  3. make me put away my work and play with you at least once a week – play a game/do a craft/see a play – do something that will make us laugh together.

What did he guess? He guessed that I wanted him to stop cooking onions, start leaving the house on time in the morning and do a better job keeping the kids out of my hair when I’m working. Uh, no. Oral sex, honey. I’m telling you, it’s a free pass for a multitude of sins. Including cooking onions in my house.

His wish list for me: let him sleep late in the morning, and stop putting my shoes on the dining table. I would like to state for the record that we do not even have a dining table, and I do not know what he’s talking about.

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  • GimliGirl

    Am I sad for you that you don't get oral sex (often/ever)! Hmm, if I was to ask my hubby 3 things he HAD to say yes too, I'd ask him to always do what's on his honey-do list, go to sleep at a decent time (before 4am!) and cook regularly. :)


  • http://childwild.com Sierra

    I didn't say I don't get any, just that it's the first thing I'd wish for if I could ask him to do anything.


  • http://www.bqsoft.com/ Cindy

    I'd ask him to always do what's on his honey-do list, go to sleep at a decent time (before 4am!) and cook regularly, thanx for sharing. keep it up.


  • Rich Wilson

    You seem to be missing what you'd guess his wish list for you to be. I hesitate to bring it up, since this whole post (not just the SEX) part feels a lot personal. And you're already an “in my life” blogger anyway. It just left me feeling a like I was reading Vizzini.


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