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Tiny Tutu Flash Mob!

by Sierra on April 13, 2010 · 8 comments

in creative

Inspired by Tutus For Tanner, I decided I wanted to make a tutu to kick off the spring running season. Because making tutus is totally more fun than, you know, actually running.

In fact, since a friend of mine had turned me on to the incredible ease of the No-Sew Tutu, I was hubristic enough to imagine that making a tutu would be so easy, so fun, I could do it with my kids. Who would want tutus of their own, in fact.

This idea was So Good, I had to share it. I invited several friends over to make tutus with me. Because ten minutes from now is often sort of beyond my planning horizon, I carefully organized this event by shooting half a dozen people a text message after lunch yesterday that said, “Tiny Tutu Flash Mob! My house, 2 p.m.”

Then I went shopping for tulle and ribbons. With a friend of mine, who happens to be a Burner.

We got to the fabric store, explored it vigorously for awhile and eventually found the racks of tulle at the end of the rainbow. I did some quick mental math figuring how many people we were expecting at our tutu party and how big they were and how many yards of tulle per person and threw out a number.

My companion nodded. “Great. We’ll get twice that.”

I probably went a little pale. “Um…why? What? What are we going to do with that much tulle?”

He smiled at me. “You’ve never been to Burning Man, have you? That’s like asking what we’ll do with all the extra play fur.”

“OK. You know what we’re not going to do with all that tulle? Store it at my  house.”

Pretty soon we were home with about 60 yards of tulle in 13 colors. (Hot tip: all but the tiny amounts that left on baby tutus is still sitting in my living room. Anyone local who wants to make a tutu, please come over.)

We cut it into long strips. I’ve seen beautiful tutorials on making tutus that show the tulle folded carefully into measured flat strips before being cut neatly. They mention that it’s OK if the strips are a little uneven.

I am here to tell you, it is OK if the strips are a LOT uneven. It is even OK if, hyopthetically speaking, you try rolling them into “sausages” to cut, but it turns out you’re scissors are dull and your hands are small and you’re only five years old and you just kind of hack your way through a wadded up pile of tulle.

You’ll still end up with perfectly useable strips, which you then tie onto something to make a tutu. If you’re an adult, you probably want to use a decent quality ribbon because  it’ll be more adjustable. If you’re a kid, the elastic headbands you can buy at CVS are about perfect. They’ll stay up, and you dont’ have to fuss about tying it on or keeping it tied.

We made them in an array of colors. The shades of purple were most popular. Next time, I’m going to use some EL wire and make them light up. Because I can.

The tulle made a glorious mess, but actually took only a few seconds to clean up. Of course, it turns out that even my princess obsessed little girls would rather play with a pile of wet rocks from the garden than the magical tutus mom just made for them. But all the adults had fun.

Now I have my running uniform and good weather. The only thing I’m missing is motivation to, you know, actually run.

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  • http://notlikeacat.blogspot.com/ Julia

    I love this!! And I now I totally want to make a tutu for running (once I’m off crutches). This sounds cooler and much cheaper than a running skirt. I have run a trail race in a black cocktail dress, but I think from now on I’ll be sporting a racing tutu…if I can sustain the motivation to 1) hit the fabric store 2) find some ribbon 3) make the tutu.


  • moominmolly

    Let's go running! Now I just need a tutu.


  • http://www.beingshadoan.wordpress.com/ Rachel Shadoan

    I am in love with this idea for a party!

    Also, I am in love with the idea of running in a tutu. I am going to implement it in my own life as soon as it is warm enough to run outside. I will send pictures.


  • http://fastforwardacademy.com/ EA Exam

    I have to try this! Never thought making a tutu would be this easy.


  • http://fastforwardacademy.com/ EA Exam

    I have to try this! Never thought making a tutu would be this easy.


  • http://twitter.com/sheenabean13 Sheena

    Hi, any pictures of your finished tutus? Myself and a few friends will be running the 100th anniversary Bay to Breakers in May and we all want to wear tutus, but have no idea where to find adult sized tutus that are good for running? Or easy to make ones (like, super easy for extremely non-craft people). Thanks!


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