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The Not Quite Weekly Links

by Sierra on April 11, 2010 · 3 comments

in news,writing

I totally owe you guys a links post. It’s been a bit more than a week, sorry about that. It turns out that I can’t sleep five hours a night and work two full-time jobs forever, and I’ve been kind of off my game the past few weeks. Sorry about that.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. By far my favorite is this first piece about tossing the kids toys while they’re sleeping. I know, I’m evil. But it was fun to write, and I’m basically unrepentent about throwing out all their jigsaw puzzles.

While My Kids Sleep…I Throw Away Their Toys! – Babble – When I was growing up, my mother’s end-of-her-rope tactic when my sister and I refused to clean our room was, “I’m going to throw all your toys away!” Sometimes she got out a giant black trash bag and chased us around the room with it. She grew seven feet tall when she did that, and sparks shot from her eyes.

Struggling With Time Debt – Get Rich Slowly – I recently found myself, late one night, staring at my computer screen with a sinking, hard feeling in my stomach and a bad taste in my mouth. A familiar bad taste. The taste of debt. But I wasn’t looking at my bank statement — I was looking at my calendar.

Sleepless Nights Cure Baby Blues – Strollerderby – There’s a shocking cure for the baby blues: sleep deprivation. The New York Times reports that depressed new mothers who stay up all night will find their depression lifted by morning.

Regret Your Baby’s Name? – Strollerderby – Imagine having a four-year-old named Paris. Or a toddler named Tiger. Or maybe you just gave in to family pressure before the pain medications wore off, and woke up with an adorable little one named after Great Aunt Eustis.

Think You Couldn’t Be Pregnant? Think Again. – Strollerderby – Every couple of weeks, we run a story about some obviously clueless, crazy person who gives birth in an exotic locale like “on a train” or “in a school bathroom” because she didn’t even know she was pregnant until the baby popped out. Crazy, right? Not necessarily.

Gay Teen Sent To Fake Prom – Strollerderby – Lesbian teen Constance McMillen won her day in court last month, but was still robbed of her chance to dance with her girlfriend at her high school prom.

Your Son Can Be  Single Lady Too! – Strollerderby – The kids are in the backseat are all rocking out to Beyonce’s oft-covered hit when Dad jokingly tells his son he’s not a single lady. Like you do. But the poor little guy took it personally, and started bawling. Kind of adorably bawling, actually. Thus a viral YouTube sensation was born.

Miscarriages Strain Marriages - Strollerderby – A new study out today, reported on at Motherlode, reveals that couples who lose a baby are more likely to divorce than those who don’t.

Wives Privilege Husbands Careers Over Their Own – Strollerderby – In the annals of “yes, we actually still need feminism,” Jezebel reports on a new study today that shows women tend to quit their jobs if their husbands work 60 or more hours per week.

April Foolishness - Strollerderby – My daughter’s kindergarten class offered parents slices of pizza when we arrived to pick the kids up today. But instead of pizza, the pizza carton held a giant cookie slathered in jam, topped with white chocolate, with little candy toppings.

Obama Signs Overhaul of Student Loan Program – Strollerderby – Good news today for future college students: Obama signed into law an overhaul of the student loan program that will make loans easier to get and more affordable to repay.

Nursing Someone Else’s Baby – Strollerderby – Jennifer Spiegel is suing a Chicago hospital for $30,000 in damages because, one night in 2008, a hospital nurse brought her the wrong day-old infant boy, and she mistakenly nursed him.

The End of Play – Strollerderby – The New York Times ran a depressing op-ed over the weekend arguing that kids’ lives have changed to the point where they really need recess coaches to teach them how to play with each other.

Facebook vs. MySpace; Who Handles Bullies Better – Strollerderby – Cyberbullying is a real problem. Several recent teen suicides have been attributed to kids being harassed and humiliated online. Many others have lost friends, been the subject of disciplinary action at schools and simply been made desperately unhappy.

Snacks Know No Bounds – Parenting Squad – Sometimes it seems like kids never stop eating. That impression is closer to truth than it should be. According to new research, most kids eat three meals a day, plus three snacks.

Massage and Autism – Parenting Squad – Here’s an exciting alternative therapy for autistic children that’s much more appealing than the smelly supplements and special diets. It turns out a massage might help them sleep better and enjoy calmer waking hours.

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  • http://snooter.wordpress.com/ Asha B

    Thanks as always!


  • http://snooter.wordpress.com/ Asha B

    Thanks as always!


  • Martha

    When my brother and I didn't put our toys away, Mom made them go “on vacation.” That meant they were hidden away for a while — a few months? a year? and when Mom made them re-emerge, either we gained a new appreciation for a loved toy we hadn't seen in a while, or we didn't care about it anymore and could give it away without regret.


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