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Better late than never, here are last week’s Links

by Sierra on March 8, 2010 · 0 comments

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I had a sudden attack of Playing Outside and Taking Long Naps over the weekend, so no posts. Here’s what I was up to last week:

Working Parents Are Exhausted – Strollerderby – Almost 60 percent of middle-class households have both parents working outside the home. And we’re exhausted by it.

Protecting Baby’s Hearing – Strollerderby – Here’s an exciting worry for parents who may have been starting to relax about safety hazards: your kid’s hearing. Although they’re prodigious noisemakers themselves, babies are extra-sensitive to loud noises.

Would You Have a Baby To Save Your Firstborn? – Strollerderby – This technique has received a lot of press and criticism over the past decade, and been the topic of a sensational and popular novel.

Sleep Training Success Linked to Parents’ Attitudes – Strollerderby – This is particularly true for the “controlled crying” method advocated by Ferber and a few other sleep experts. Parents who feel OK about letting their babies cry it out have more success with that method.

Anti-Abortion Ads Play on Racial Fears – Strollerderby – “Black children are an endangered species,” read the billboards along Georgia’s highways this month.

Raising Half a Child – Strollerderby – Joint custody seems fair, in a world where fathers are increasingly expected to equally share parenting within a marriage, and mothers are more likely to work. But is it right for kids and parents?

Sex Education: How Much is too Much? – Parenting Squad – My personal answer to this question is basically this: there’s no such thing as too much sex ed.

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