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My Week in Writing: the links

by Sierra on February 27, 2010 · 1 comment

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I’m home, and back in the saddle with work. Once again, the most exciting thing in my week was the posts and conversations right here on ChildWild. I love the discussions going on in the comments these days. Keep it up, please!

Here’s what I’ve been up to elsewhere. The juiciest and most controversial thing I wrote all week was my piece for GRS about the Boxcar Kids. The most unsung, in my humble opinion, was this little gem about the Museum of Science not giving kids membership cards because of “security concerns”.

From Whole Foods to Food Stamps – Get Rich Slowly – The recession has hit families where they live. For many, it’s forced a change of address. Think about all those foreclosed homes and urban deserts: One in every 400 homes received a foreclosure notice last year. Unemployment is approaching 10%. Some families no longer have a place to call home at all.

Museum Says Member Cards Not Safe For Kids – Strollerderby – A reader on ChildWild pointed out this week that Boston’s Museum of Science has a policy against letting kids have their own memberships, due to security concerns.

Why Jenny McCarthy Matters – Strollerderby – Jenny McCarthy talks autism, parenting and science with Time magazine this week. I recently asked why Jenny still says vaccines cause autism when the science has so clearly left the building. She answers that question and many others in her lengthy interview with Time.

Children of Neo-Nazis Given Over to State Custody – Strollerderby – A Canadian court ruled this week that Canada can assume permanent guardianship of two children whose parents were raising them to become Neo-Nazis.

Let Them Eat Marshmallows! – Strollerderby – The folks who brought us NurtureShock have news that will warm the hearts of 4-year-olds everywhere: the marshmallow test is a lot of fluff. That’s good news for Rio, who not only said she wouldn’t wait for a second marshmallow, she wouldn’t even stay in the room.

Girl Arrested for Drawing on Desk – Strollerderby – Earlier this month, 12-year-old Alexa Gonzalez was arrested – and actually removed from school in handcuffs – because she was caught doodling on her desk.

Flying With Kids? Beware! – Parenting Squad – Gods, why can’t I shut up about this airline thing already? I just can’t. This has not been a banner week for airline travel. The headlines have been peppered with incidents of airline staff and TSA agents being rude, imperious, and sometimes downright abusive to passengers. Many of them involve families with young children.

What Causes Autism – Parenting Squad – Autism affects as many as 1 in 60 boys in the United States today. Overall, 1 in 110 kids are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. This rate is a huge increase from my own childhood 20 years ago, when autism was something I heard about in movies but never saw in a classroom.

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