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A Possibly Perfect Saturday

by Sierra on January 23, 2010 · 0 comments

in parenting

It’s been a pretty chaotic week, with everyone finally (!) settling back into normal routines after all the holiday madness. Last night I went to bed staggeringly tired and emotionally burned out, wondering how this whole “life” thing was ever supposed to work.

It was supposed to work like today. The kids slept beautifully through the night. When they woke up around 7, we snuggled in bed for a bit and then Martin committed Attachment Parenting Sin #7 and parked them on the couch with a bag of rice cakes and a Sesame Street dvd.

We slept in until 9, which is the parenting equivalent of noon, and when I came downstairs I found happy girls covered in rice cake crumbs just coming to the end of a dance party with Zoe and Elmo. Awesome.

After that there was a brief kerfuffle as we said good-bye to our sleepover guest and indulged the wild fantasy that we were going to a friend’s birthday party. Sorry, Daily Alice, Serena had other plans today. They involved sitting naked in a patch of sunlight for an hour playing with her dollhouse. She opted for this even when bribed with the promise of birthday cake before lunch. Some kids.

When she was ready to get “dressed”, she put on a stripy bathing suit and a pair of matching socks. I have no idea how she finds so many matching socks – I certainly never make that easier by pairing them, but nearly every day she sifts through the drawer of loose kid socks and finds a pair. Go, go, puzzle-solving brain!

What do you do on a winter morning with a toddler who’s hell-bent on wearing nothing but a bathing suit all day? Read to her! We just sat on the couch snuggled under a blanket reading for an hour. Unlike most mornings when there are other kids around, she got to pick all the books, and re-read them as many times as she pleased.

After that she was entirely cheerful about going upstairs with me to wrestle the laundry monster. She ‘helped’ me fold clothes by pretending the stacks of folded laundry were the walls of a house and telling endless toddler knock-knock jokes while I sorted.

Serena: You say Knock-Knock, Mama

Me: Knock-knock

Serena: Whoooooo’s There?

Me: A frog.

Serena: Oh. Ok! Come on in! Frog come in my house now.

Me: kisses her forehead.

Serena: You say Knock-Knock, Mama

Me: Knock-knock

Serena: Whoooooo’s There?

Me: A baby bird.

Serena: Oh. (long pause) I sorry. No birds in my house. No bird stand in my house. No bird come in my house. No.

Me: Oh.

Amazingly, I actually got a little laundry folded, and the girl into actual clothes (OK, a princess dress, but who’s counting? it was clean). Right around then, Martin and Rio came home from her music class. I had ten minutes to myself to lie in bed staring at the ceiling while he threw some lunch together. And then we actually sat down and ate a meal as a family with no sobbing tantrums. The girls ate faster than we did and quietly wandered off to play while Martin and I had a nice conversation.

We finished and Rio, who’d been sitting quietly in a bean bag chair reading a book asked me if I’d read a chapter to her. We snuggled up and read together for about ten minutes. Then I packed up my laptop and headed around the corner to my favorite café to write for the afternoon.

When I left, Martin was kneading bread dough and the girls were happily starting an art project together. I was tempted to photograph them sitting at the sun-drenched table up to their elbows in tempera paint, but didn’t want to spoil my graceful exit.

Now I’m here, drinking good tea on a cozy leather sofa, working on a couple of feature stories. I have more interesting writing assignments than I can hope to get done, so I’m just sinking my teeth in and doing what I can. The kids are at an ice cream birthday party, wearing pretty dresses.

This is exactly the life I signed up for. Thank you, whatever gods and monsters made it happen. I’ll take more of these days, please.

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