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The dangers of bulk buying, and joining the Wise Bread staff

by Sierra on October 27, 2009 · 0 comments

in money

I have a new guest post up on Get Rich Slowly today, on the Dangers of Bulk Buying.

I have also just joined the staff at Wise Bread. You can read more of my personal finance writing there. To follow all my Wise Bread writing, subscribe to the RSS feed for my Wise Bread posts (an option you’ll find in the subscribe box at the upper right of the screen, similar to the Childwild subscribe box you see at your upper right now).

For those of you coming to this blog for the first time via GRS or Wise Bread, welcome. This is the home of my personal writing about my family life. You can explore the money or frugality tags for more finance writing, or just poke around. Most of what’s here is cute kid stories, but there’s plenty of food writing and life hacks mixed in.

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