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FYI Santa

by Sierra on November 21, 2008 · 5 comments

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(this is the e-mail I just sent to my mother. I think I may, after five years, have found a way to talk to her about kids and gifts that will not cause a big fight between us and will not result in my sneakily throwing out a metric ton of broken made-in-china crap three weeks after Christmas. I hope. I pray.)

Hey Mom, 

If you happen to talk to Santa, please let him know that Rio is wearing a size 5-6 (err on the side of the 6 if he has to choose), and that Serena is wearing either 2T or 3T clothes. They are skinny chicks, but they have loooong limbs. They share a dislike of jeans or any stiff fabric, and a love of butterflies. 

Some things the girls are really into these days are: 
- trips to the library
- having lunch with someone special
- being invited to sleepovers
- the Boston Children’s Museum
- arts and crafts (especially watercolor painting)
- being outdoors in the cold and losing their mittens! 
- reading (especially books with pictures of animals, family photo albums, and fairy tales)
- playing music

Santa might want to know that we no longer have a working television (nor do we want one!). So if the girls find any DVDs under the tree, they will have to keep them at Nana’s. Our house may collapse under the weight of toys we already own, so please ask him to go easy on us with those (especially the beeping blinking ones). Simple baby dolls and doll clothes, on the other hand, seem to be in hot demand, as are sturdy dollhouse things.

The Mommy Elf

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  • Sarahekd

    I hope this worked out for you. I think it worked for me… maybe. I still get so much crap anyway (it was on sale! it’s for dressing up! i saw an email about it!), I shudder to think what might have been coming in our house had I not bucked up and done this too when our 1st born was a baby.


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