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Learning to read

by Sierra on November 10, 2007 · 0 comments

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I keep forgetting to post this bit from the beginning of September, right after preschool started for Rio. ‘s post about reading just reminded me.

She was sitting at the counter, when she suddenly and with fierce enthusiasm yelled, “Mom! Look! There’s an ‘A’!!” Pointing at the picture of an apple with the word apple printed next to it that she collaged at daycare last year. It’s been on the fridge for at least six months.

“There’s an A! and a P! and an other P! and an L! and an E!” she shouted, with breathless enthusiasm at the discovery of each new letter. “Mama! That’s says Apple!”

(I don’t think she can reliably read anything except her own name, which she spots in books and on billboards with great cheer. But she recognizes all the English letters, and if she sees a word next to a picture and she knows that picture starts with a certain letter, she can identify the word – like on a page with a picture of a train and five words, one of which starts with a T, she can point at that word and say “That says Train. Train starts with T”, even if it actually says Tree or Too Cute For Words or something. So this is what she was doing with the apple. Which is still hugely exciting and a critical pre-reading skill, but not actually “reading” per se)

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