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the games kids play

by Sierra on April 13, 2007 · 1 comment

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Rio goes two days a week to the home daycare she used to attend full time, just for a few hours in the morning. Today when I picked her up, the caregiver told me that during playtime today, Rio organized all the kids, had them each take their clothes off, and when they were stripped down to their diapers, laid them out in a row on the floor. Then she took the Fisher Price tape recorder, a red box with a little screen and an attached microphone, and went over each child’s belly with the head of the microphone, asking them if they could see and hear their babies. Just like the midwife does with me. At least she didn’t run jelly all over them first.

When she heard the caregiver telling me this, she ran and got the toy, pulled her shirt up and lay down, and persuaded one of the other kids to “check my belly baby” by running the microphone over her belly. It actually picked up little gurgle sounds from her stomach and amplified them into the room! I’m sure this was not how Fisher Price intended it, but it made a great toy ultrasound.

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