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rio says…

by Sierra on October 18, 2006 · 0 comments

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We’re nursing after a nap a few days ago and she suddenly looks up at me and says, “This one’s not working.”

Not working? I ask.

“This booby not working,” she says. “We got shopping and buy a new one?”


“We go shopping, buy new boobies,” she tells me quite confidently.


Yesterday, actually at the store, we pass the lingerie department, and she shouts, “mama, mama! Pretty! Pretty clothing for your boobies! I buy it you! Put it in cart!” waving her arms at a rack of actually quite beautiful green and purple lace bras. They had my size, too, but at my current salary (none), I’m not in the market for pretty booby clothes. Unless, you know, someone with their own dollars wants to buy them for me.

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