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by Sierra on January 9, 2006 · 0 comments

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Rio went pee in the potty! She did it yesterday for the first time as we were wrapping up our magical water workshop, and then today, she was prancing around the house at bedtime in her tights and no diaper, when she suddenly said, “Pee! Pee!” and pulled her tights down to her ankles. There was no pee, and I said, “Rio, do you need to pee in the potty?” and she said, ‘Yes” and took my hand and we walked to the potty where she sat and PEED!!!! And then she wiped and flushed.

*so proud*

also, she moved into her own bed last night for the first time ever, and slept for an unprecedented six hours without waking. That was the longest stretch of sleep I have had since I got pregnant with her in August of 2003.

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