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today’s weird parenting moment

by Sierra on September 25, 2005 · 0 comments

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featuring, My Mom.

She’s convinced that Rio’s speech delays are the result of some significant hearing loss she’s experienced over the course of the summer. Rio did have a very serious ear-infection while we were in Argentina, and my mother says it’s possible she may still have fluid build-up in her ears damaging her ability to hear properly since then. She’s very concerned, because she says that Rio’s speech ability is sliding backwards – that she had a wider vocabulary and clearer articulation several months ago than she does now.

To say I have not noticed anything like this would be an understatement.

But it could be. I’m not trained to observe learning delays and emerging disabilities in young children, and my mother was twenty years ago. The truth is that the only parenting book I have ever read is Ariel Gore’s “Mama Trip”, which is a collection of columns on how to keep one’s activist spirit alive post-baby. Rio could be stone deaf and I wouldn’t know what the warning signs were (though one might guess they would include an inability to mimic songs and sounds).

Anyway, I’ve agreed to take her to the doctor and have her hearing checked out.

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